Wasted Trip

You know that trip to the hospital that I had to go on, the one where I was terrified to go by myself as I needed a blood test and there was no-one to go with me and then Hubby cancelled his work trip to Germany so that he could come with me? Well, the appointment was this morning.

We arrived an hour early as we were told there was a chance that we could be seen early, and indeed there was. We were in within 5 minutes of arriving (rather spectacular on the NHS really) and had all the baby checks done (all fine, baby switched sides but is still head-down - yay!) and we settled in to wait for the doctor. Another new doctor came in (still yet to see the actual consultant that our appointments are made with) and said that there was no point in doing the blood test to check for the possibility that my Mum's DVT could have a genetic link as being pregnant my clotting factors would be high anyway and thus would skew the test results.

While I was relieved that I wouldn't have to be stuck with a needle, I did feel really annoyed that no-one had mentioned this at the last appointment, that there was no way they would do any tests on me while I was still pregnant. Surely one of the 3 midwives I have seen since, or indeed the 2 doctors I saw last time would have mentioned it?

So Hubby took the morning off work and cancelled his meeting in Germany for no reason. I feel bad about that. But it does mean that he spends the day working from home, which is always nice! Someone to have lunch with, and it means that he saves himself a stress headache from the office and not to mention the diesel to get there and back!