Planning for another simple season

Its apparently 4 weeks until the baby comes. So I think that now is a good time to start planning for another relatively simple season in terms of how we will live our lives. We have been told that the first three months of the baby's life are operated on 'Survival Mode', so whilst we are not being all doom and gloom, I think we are trying to be realistic about how we will live our lives on a day to day basis.

I guess the biggest thing is going to be food. I am planning on making loads of food for the freezer in the next couple of weeks so that we don't have to think about meals too much. I am also going to get in lots of 'packet' stuff too, so that at least we will get calories into ourselves and can keep going. As for fresh stuff, not really thought too much about that yet, but it will be good for me to walk down to the village with the baby, so I can buy stuff while I am down there.

Housework. Hmm. I know most people will let the housework slide, and to a certain extent, I will. However, I have a fastidious MIL who will make comments that everywhere is not pristine. I had given up on making a spectacular effort at cleaning for when she came round, but after the last visit, she called my Hubby and offered to come and clean our house because the dust on top of my storage jars and the microwave in the kitchen annoyed her... Its not worth the hassle.

Chistmas is something else that I am starting to think about. Fortunately, we are spending it at Mum and Dad's place, so at least I don't have to worry about hosting anyone, and can just concentrate on the baby. However, there are still cards and gifts to plan and buy. I am planning on making my own cards this year, so hope to get those made and at least the lists written before the baby comes.

I am not sure how to handle visits from well-meaning people. Hubby has said that as far as he can he will make sure people don't stay too long etc, but I am not so good at chucking people out when I am by myself! I am not someone who loves having lots of people around all of the time, and I am fully expecting to want to retreat into my cave when the baby is born because I feel rubbish (tired, leaky etc!), but people are just being nice! Also I will feel the need to have to look after my guests, provide tea and cake etc etc, and to make sure that the bathroom is clean and the lounge tidy etc. A rod for my own back perhaps, but I still want people to feel like they are welcome in my house, and to me, that means making an effort.

Anyway, I have a quiet week this week during the days, so I can get to grips with all this planning. I love planning, I'm just not quite so good at the carrying out!!!


I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but the very day Peapod was born early was the day I was going to be putting the "final plans" into place and even though that quite obviously didn't happen, everything-SOMEHOW!- still turned out fine and honestly I wouldn't describe is as "survival mode" necessarily. :o)

Your plan does sound very good. If you have a Crockpot, do consider using that quite a bit. Mine has been, and continues to be, a lifesaver for me when life is hectic or I am not feeling very well. If you want an easy snack to have available quickly when people come, you can freeze some balls of cookie dough. They can be baked frozen whenever they are needed, thus never leaving you more than twelve minutes away from cookies, without tiring yourself out for such an effort.

Enjoy these last weeks before Baby! It's so very hard to wait, isn't it?!