Mum's the word!

My mum is coming to visit for a few days today - it will be lovely to see her, but I hope we don't get bored! She is usually a whirlwind of activity at home, and lets just say the whirlwinds have been long since gone in our household... She said that she felt bad about not spending any time with me at my house since I was 7 weeks pregnant, so is taking some time off work to come and hang out. I think perhaps she is secretly hoping that the baby will make an appearance while she is here, but I feel that the baby is safe and warm inside and is going nowhere soon (famous last words perhaps...?!)

I did have 2 hours of contractions the other night, 6 minutes apart which got me to thinking that this could be THE time, but then they died down and I was able to go back to sleep. It was the most active night that the baby had ever had, which I guess serves me right for being happy that our baby didn't seem to be awake much at night now and that these patterns of behaviours often continue after birth. Still, we will see. I am getting bad backache and stomach cramps if I am on my feet for too long - even having a shower, getting dressed and then emptying the dishwasher all in a row is too much some days, how sad is that? Still its a good excuse to park my bum on the sofa and read a book!

It has been a lovely, but crazy busy past week with all the people we have had in to dinner, and I am amazed that I have been able to provide meals for so many people when I had planned nearly a month ago that we wouldn't be entertaining anyone and thus only had enough food in to feed Hubby and myself. Its amazing how creative one can be when you need to be, and how God blesses and provides for us to be a blessing to other people.

So here is to a refreshing few days with Mum. I doubt we will do an awful lot as she can't walk very far at the moment, or stand for great long periods of time. A pair of crocks we are! But I do hope to get some cooking and baking done for the freezer while she is here, so that will be something else to take off the list!