Funny how life works out

In our 'spare time' Hubby and I run a small photography business ( where we photograph weddings primarily. It was suggested that we made it a formal thing by a friend whose wedding we were at and took 'friend' pictures and they ended up using more of our photos in their wedding album than they did of the photos that the official photographer took. At the moment, the business makes enough money for us to cover our equipment costs, which is fine by us - we have a hobby that other people pay for, and we get a massive kick out of taking the photos for people too. We have done 2 weddings so far where we were the official photographers (we always work together), so its very humble beginnings.

My nanna, who passed away in March this year, was excited about our venture and would ask every time we chatted on the phone whether we had any more bookings, and suggested ways of branching out. For most of the last year (we formed the company in July last year), we have just been too busy to really concentrate on the business, what with moving and renovating and being pregnant etc, so we've not been advertising officially. But in the last couple of weeks, we have had a few enquiries about weddings, and most recently, about doing baby portraits. Nanna was often suggesting taking baby photos, and now we have two bookings for November to take baby and toddler photos! It is just such a shame I can't call her and tell her about it as she would have been so excited for us. Some days I forget that she has gone and think 'I must just call Nanna and tell her x, y or z' and then remember that there will be no-one there to answer the phone.

I don't know if people in Heaven can see us down here - there is nothing in scripture to suggest that they can and nothing to suggest that they can't, so I don't want to get all 'Nanna is watching and making things happen' because I don't believe that to be true. But I do miss being able to tell her about it. Perhaps I could get God to pass on a message...!

The other thing of course we have to consider with our business is how we do it with a baby... We have a wedding booked in November, which I won't be shooting at, which I am gutted about cos I love it! The baby shoots shouldn't be too much of a bother because they are only 2 hours long and I can take the baby with us. Do I back out of photography because I have a baby, or do I try and work around it on the odd occasion where we do have a wedding to shoot? I mean, 3 a year is hardly a full-time occupation! Its something we will have to learn together and work out in our own way.