Daddy's Baby

I am sure that whatever sex our baby is, it is going to be a Daddy's girl/boy. Most of the day, when I am by myself, I get small amounts of movement, little settling down wriggles etc. But as soon as Hubby comes home, a party for one kicks off inside my belly and keeps going and going and going! Same thing happens first thing of a morning, there is very little movement from the baby until Hubby starts speaking, and off we go again!

I have noticed this before when Hubby has been away from home. Baby is very quiet when he is not around, responding to my pokes, but not really doing too much of his/her own volition. But as soon as he comes home, its kick kick kick all the way! It was most noticable at Greenbelt - Hubby camped at the festival and I came home each night. I would get very little movement whilst I was at home by myself, but as soon as I arrived on-site and found Hubby, baby would wake up and keep on movin'!

I don't know, maybe I'm romanticising things a little, perhaps its all coincidence. But I want Hubby to feel as much a part of this pregnancy as possible and it looks like the baby does too!


Renee said…
That's really sweet! What's your husband think of it?
Di said…
He's convinced its kicks of protest rather than excitement!
ellen said…
That is SO cute!! Also, I love the baby bump picture! You look fantastic. I'm so excited for you!!