Better out than in

Or at least that is what I am trying to convince the baby about! The squirming when gentle is lovely, but for the most part it is rather uncomfy, so I am trying to persuade this little one that out here there is far more room for that kind of carry-on! So far he/she is perfecting the 'shoulder shuffle' down in my pelvis (apparently baby is well wedged in there), the 'bum boogie' up against what I assume is my diaphragm/lungs/ribs, and of course the karate kick or chop (not sure if its a hand or foot, elbow or knee) out to my right hand side. This one is particularly violent especially if provoked... I hope we don't have to deal with anger management issues right from the off!

Anyway, I am 10 days away from D-day and I can't wait. There are no signs of imminent labour, so I am sitting tight. I made 50 Christmas cards this morning, and the freezer is full of goodies. I could bake more - anyone know if you can freeze flapjack?

I have been very blessed by a good friend who came over at the beginning of the week with a huge bag of gifts for the baby and I, all wrapped in pink and blue paper. There were cuddly toys, a soft blanket, bubble bath for baby, baby nail clippers, nappies, infant medicine, really cute vests, and then lots of minuture smellies for me to take into hospital, as well as some special hair conditioner, hair elastics and lovely hand-cream. It made me feel so very special and loved.

Hubby is planning on spending this afternoon putting in a new radiator in our bathroom upstairs - last winter, we borrowed a friends electric oil heater which did the trick, but they need it back now. I hope that it doesn't take too long as he has been working late every day this week (except Monday) and it feels as though we have hardly spent any time together. Not exactly what I had in mind for our final 2 weeks as a twosome...

But no matter. The baby will be here in a maximum of 3 weeks, and life will never be the same. Bring it on!!!


Renee said…
Very exciting! You're very smart to be freezing food and prepping for Christmas.