B-day minus 5 weeks

... or thereabouts! I can't believe I only have 5 weeks to go before the baby arrives. Well, it could be 3, or it could be 7, one never knows. Either way, we are almost ready - need to pack my bag and that is about it. A lounge floor would be nice too... but that is coming on Wednesday!

Life has been crazy recently with Greenbelt Taxis, finishing the renovations etc and now Hubby has gone back to work and life can return to a semblance of normality - at least what normality looks like for me at the moment! Today will be a 'make my home a haven monday' as I have not done any housework, cleaning, sorting or organising for nearly 2 weeks and it shows. I have a massive long list of things to do this week so I won't be bored! I also have lots of visits from various workmen lined up, plumber, carpet fitter, cavity wall insulation, Mr Clearall (does what he says on the tin) so that will make this week interesting too. I also have my first ante-natal class this week too, entitled 'Labour - Dad's concerns'. Now, do I even need to be there, and is it weird that I wonder why my father would be bothered?! Guess I need to get into a new way of thinking about Hubby...

Ok, going to try and insert a photo of the bump here - taken last week with my bro and sis at Greenbelt. Not overly flattering, but I don't have many bump photos (shameful, for a photographer!)

I used to be as skinny as my siblings, honest!


Renee said…
Glad to read you're doing ok - have been wondering how you are. :)