Another Busy Day

Gosh - I have another busy day ahead of me - friends coming in for lunch, a midwife appt (I managed to book myself in twice and then had to cancel one of the appointments, pregnancy brain I think!), and then Hubby is bringing one of his colleagues home for dinner tonight. This is one of his team members who helped us to put in the new joists in our upstairs room way back in February, and he was asking how the work was coming along. So hubby invited him to dinner to show him. I think he feels a bit weird about it since its the boss inviting his team member round for dinner, but I'm sure it will be fine.

Yesterday was a quiet day except for our lovely vicar coming round for dinner to see the new place and to chat with us about where we were planning on worshipping now we are a way away from our old church. It was a lovely positive evening, and he was so encouraging.

Tuesday was the hospital tour, which was absolutely brilliant. We saw the rooms where we would meet our baby for the first time, and I feel so excited now. The only thing I was worried about was that when I needed to go into hospital, there wouldn't be any space for me and I'd have to give birth in the corridor or something, but the midwife who showed us round assured us that a room would be found, even if it was an operating theatre. But in her experience, there had never been a time when all the delivery rooms were full of labouring women. So that made me feel so much better, and I spent the rest of the time with a huge grin on my face! Also, there are private rooms on the post-natal wards, which we had been planning on asking if we could book one, expecting to have to pay for the privilige. So when we asked about how to go about booking them, the midwife said just to request one when we came in, and if one was free we could have it, and it wouldn't cost us anything! Excellent! So hopefully there will be a free room when we have our baby. If the unit is anything like what we saw on Tuesday, it will be really empty. Prayers would be appreciated for this!

The busyness continues over the weekend and into next week - its almost as if everyone wants to see me/us pre baby because we suddenly become invisible or something when the baby arrives! Got our new sofa arriving tomorrow (so very excited) followed by an ante-natal class in the afternoon, followed by Hubby's parents coming to collect our old sofa on Friday evening. Saturday sees our very good friends JC coming for lunch with their baby, and Sunday we are doing sound and AV at our old church, followed by more friends coming over for lunch.. Monday lunchtime will see me at another friend's for lunch, and Tuesday evening, yet more friends in for dinner. My mum arrives on Wednesday for a few days, by which time I will probably be sleeping for most of it! The only trouble is, it is the end of my shopping month/meal plan, so I had planned on using up my freezer meals as when I did the meal plan, none of the above social stuff was booked in. I'm going to have to get creative with what is in my cupboards...

Anyway, I had better get off and start my day properly - have cakes to make and ironing to do before my lunchtime guests arrive!