Today is a better day

After yesterday's hormonal rant, today is a better day. The visit from MIL was good, the cookies I made at the weekend were thoroughly complemented and snaffled, recipies emailed out. And MIL's friend is going to Lakeland to get me some baking stuff. It was quite lovely actually, the three of us wives sat around my kitchen table talking baking and other wifely pursuits.

And Hubby has said that he won't go to Germany when I have my next hospital appointment. I felt really manipulative as I had been brooding all day, and by the time he got home was in tears because I didn't want to go and have these tests done on my own, but there was no-one to come with me as everyone's jobs and lives were too important. So he just said 'you're really scared to go on your own aren't you? I won't go to Germany and I'll come with you'. Why I couldn't just say that at the beginning I don't know. I guess I think I have to try and do everything myself and not rely on anyone else or ask anyone else for help. And sometimes that is true, but I am still learning that this is not necessarily the default position.

And so today. The sun is shining (yay - its been pouring for days, or at least feels like that!) and due to Hubby's new flexitime and me not having to be dressed before he leaves for work, we got up at 7am! 7am!!! In my working days, it was 5.50am for both of us to be out of the house by 7.20. But now since Hubby usually doesn't leave work til a good half hour after he is supposed to, he has decided that he will start half an hour later. Works for us! It does however, mean my day is shifted slightly, and I don't have the satisfaction of having all the housework done by 9am, but not to worry, I have all day now!

So here is wishing you all a happy sunny day.