Receiving visitors

Again. Not that I mind, really. Well, perhaps I do, when it is my MIL who at the moment seems to be bringing her friends around to visit. Last weekend, it was an old work colleague of my FIL's and his wife, today it is a girlfriend of MIL, and next week it is going to be MIL's Godfather.

Does it strike you as strange that MIL is bringing her friends to see me? She never comes round by herself, but seems to think that visiting me/the house is a suitable pasttime, a tourist attraction, if you will, when she is with her friends. I don't know whether she wants to see me, or show me off (though why she would do that, I have no idea, since she still isn't too happy with the idea that I am having a baby and has told people she wants nothing to do with the baby for the first three months), but I suspect it is more to show off our house and the work that Hubby has done on it. It just happens to be convenient that I am here to open the door and make the coffee.

I don't feel like I can say 'no'. I mean, its not like I have a thriving social life at the moment and am not at home! And it is only usually for an hour or so. But it does strike me as odd. But then so does most of MIL's behaviours...

And one visitor that I would love to have is my own mum - she's not been to see me since my birthday in February, but has been to see all my other siblings at least twice since then, and not to mention other weekends away with friends. She keeps telling me how busy she is at work, how she is the only person who can do certain things, knows certain things etc etc and can't possibly leave. Can't possibly come and visit, that is, until I am 38 weeks pregnant!!! Now call me pinickty, but those last couple of weeks of pregnancy, I have a feeling that I won't want to see anyone!

I don't know whether part of it is she wants to take a chance that she will be here when I go into labour. She has already made it perfectly clear that she would love to be there, but I have politely refused. I don't want anyone there except Hubby, and I don't want anyone to be at home when I get back from the hospital with the baby except Hubby. But if the only time she can come to see me is when I could have the baby, what do I say? I know she's only trying to do for me what she wanted her mum to have done for her, but I don't want it! What is it with mothers who want to railroad their daughters/daughters-in-law to do things they don't want to do? Anyone would think I was 16, not 26.

Anyway, enough ranting for today, I need to go and get ready for the MIL's visit. Tidy, sweep, dust, hide washing, and prepare myself for an onslaught of 'gosh you really shouldn't have got so much baby stuff ready already, it may not even get here'. Which is a whole other issue. Lets just say that our poor baby is going to have the least doting grandmother in the world. She won't see it, won't buy anything for it, all because it makes her feel old. Good times :(