Thankful Heart

I am feeling thankful today. The sun is shining and I am able to sit out in the garden and enjoy it. My dad is here helping Hubby work on the bathroom renovations and all I have to do is provide food and drink. It is such a difference this time round, I pretty much feel invincible. The last time my Dad came down to help out with renovations, it was March, and I was in the throes of 'morning sickness' and felt awful all day. So awful that after a hard days working on the kitchen, Hubby also had to make the tea!

I am off to lunch with some girly friends today - one of whom is a health care assistant who works odd hours, and the other two are the ladies that have had their babies in the last 8 weeks, so are on mat leave too. Feels very odd to be making a Tuesday lunchtime lunch date...!

So I have been on Mat Leave for 3.5 days now. Not a lot has been accomplished in terms of goals. Unless you count finishing a library book... I meant to clean the car out on Monday, then meant to do it today, so I guess I'll do it tomorrow. It really needs it. I am embarrassed to take anyone anywhere in it, it is that bad!

I am also trying to declutter as I go. I am trying to get rid of a load of paperback books, but so far am having no luck on Freecycle. I guess they will go to the charity shop, as will the clothes that I laundered yesterday. Little by little, stuff, junk, is going. Still, however much we get rid of, there still seems to be so much more to go. Baby steps, baby steps.

Ok, ironing, and clearing the table. Can do this!


Renee said…
So how was your lunch? And how's the decluttering going? :)
Di said…
Hi Renee,

Lunch was interesting - my host decided to tell my friend and I that we were boring and she sat and texted her 'other friends' to arrange to meet up with them while we were still there... Still, she provided lunch and it was good to see my other friend too.

Decluttering. Hmm. I have washed, ironed and bagged up the clothes for the charity shop. No-one seems to want my books on Freecycle, so they will go to the charity shop too. Thanks for asking!