A quiet moment

I promised myself that when I went on maternity leave I would blog a lot more. And while that started off really well, it has been a week since my last post... I have been away at my folks for a couple of days and actually just haven't been around a whole lot either. I have been off work for 3 weeks now, and I think I have only spent 3 or 4 days totally at home on my own. Life has a habit of happening!

But I feel that now I am at home I should be working on a routine and bless my husband, he has said 'don't worry, these thing take time to develop' which totally encouraged me. I was feeling like a bit of a free-loader because I had all this time not in the office and yet hadn't got a routine down or even made any packed lunches for Hubby as I said I would when I stopped work. But Hubby being so gracious made me feel so much better, and more determined to get a routine down and to start making him some good home-made lunches!

So today I have started to write down what my morning/everyday routine will look like, and I am working on a weekly one. I feel like I am acccomplishing something if I can stick to my everyday routine, and hopefully it will be simple and ingrained enough to continue when the baby comes.

And speaking of babies - mine is getting very strong in the legs! It is exciting to feel the strength being gained in the kicks, knowing that our little one is growing strong. And in my life, online and in real life, there seems to be another baby-boom, with at least 4 babies that I know of due end of Jan/beginning of Feb next year! Very exciting as I feel like I have a teeny tiny role in 'looking after' these new mums in the bits of their pregnancy I have gone through.

So, I must away to hang out some more washing, and do my online shop. And for the record I did go out in the rain last week and buy the free range eggs from the farm - they are gorgeous! And I got such a sense of well-being going and supporting a local business by buying incrediably fresh produce. Will be going back there again!


Ellen said…
It's been fun for me to read your more frequent updates, Di. I'm definitely interested in reading about your routines and how you get things accomplished. As K and I begin to discuss marriage, I'm becoming more and more aware of how much my domestic skills need honing. :)

So fun that your little one is kicking away!!

XO, Ellen