Note to self:

Once there are more than two of you using a bathroom, it gets filthy far more quickly. Especially when the extra users are male and are incapable of a) aiming straight, b)not changing the loo roll and c) unable to put the hand-towel back on the rack.

At the moment the only bathroom available is the en-suite in our room. I feel kinda vulnerable having everyone traipse through our bedroom in order to use the loo, especially when it is people whom I don't really know, like the plasterer and his mate. But hopefully after today the bulk of the nasty work will be done. Now the house just smells bad as all the new plaster dries. I'm trying to keep on top of the dust and the untidyness, but I fear it is beating me. There just doesn't seem to be much point in doing anything while more and more mess is being generated.

Still, I cleaned out my car this morning, and ebayed our desk. Not a lot to show for being up for 3.5 hours...