A little light DIY...

Wow, the bathroom and the kitchen have come on leaps and bounds this weekend thanks to my gorgeous hardworking hubby! The kitchen has been completely tiled, and I have a cupboard built around the boiler which also houses my ironing board, airers, hoover etc. Very happy to have those out of the way :)

The downstairs bathroom now has a bath, a shower (with 2 heads!) and a loo, and they all work and there are no leaks. Well done Hubby! It is looking really really cool, and I can't wait to have a bath. That will only happen when the plumber gets back to us to come and fix the boiler as we've had no hot water for 5 or 6 weeks now. Perhaps we should just go with someone else...

So today I thought I would pull myself together and do something useful to help Hubby. I am going to sand the doors and door frames into the spare room, kitchen, bathroom and lounge and if I can find the primer and a paintbrush without going to the shed, then I will prime them too. I will also have a shot at sanding the hall stairs and landing... We are having a new carpet for the baby room in the next couple of weeks, and there will be enough left over to carpet the stairs as well. So we are doing a rush, unplanned paint of the hall, stairs and landing so that it is fresh for the new carpet. No point in having new carpet and manky walls and wookwork. Which means we have no social life for the next little while. No change there then!

Babywise, things seem to be fine. My blood pressure has gone down slightly which is a good thing, but I am slightly concerned about an ache I have developed in my right calf muscle in case it is the beginnings of a DVT. Its probably not, but with my mum's recent history, it is at the forefront of my mind. Baby is having a busy day today, so hopefully I won't get booted too many times in the ribs!

I can't believe that in 10 short weeks the baby will be here! Looking back, the pregnancy has flown by and I have enjoyed most of it. But its still such an abstract concept, that a new little person will be in our lives. I know I was worried about sharing my baby with Hubby and the rest of the world, now I am thinking that I don't want to share Hubby with the baby! Selfish lady.

Anyway, off to get a long slow drink before I start working on the sanding, it is hot here today!


Renee said…
That's great to hear you've made so much progress! Don't push yourself too hard though! :) I'm really glad to hear you've got a working bathroom downstairs now as I felt for you having to run upstairs whenever you needed it before. After having all of my bathrooms redone earlier this year I have new appreciation for the hassles of it all.

Take care of yourself!