Just when I thought it was all over...

The plasterer is coming back again! I thought that when he left last week, it was the last I would see of him for a good while and that finally, there would be no more random people traipsing through the house. But Hubby spent yesterday evening scraping paint off the bathroom wall and realised that the only way to then make good was to have the plasterer back. For the last time. Maybe.

The dust continues to fall - each day there is another fine layer on the kitchen table, the lounge coffee table, the new kitchen floor. And to give him his credit, Hubby wipes down in some places. The lounge is still a tip, mostly covered in dust and huge boxes full of toilets and sinks and showers. Can you tell that I am getting just a little frustrated?! I don't really feel like doing any housework because it all gets filthy within 10 minutes of Hubby starting up some new work so then I have to make the decision of whether I want to live in the filth, or make an effort to clean up only to have it all undone in next to no time. Perhaps being on maternity leave while the work is still continuing was not the best plan in the world. At least I would be able to leave the house and forget about the dirt for 10 hours.

But I have been inspired by this post on Biblical Womanhood. I think I can have a go to make my house a little more welcoming, relaxing and inspiring, a little more homelike. I want to live in a beautiful home and I know that most of that is down to how I keep it on a day to day basis. So I will go and be gone, settle down with a drink and my bible and start the day off in the way I mean it to go on. Now just to find the hoover...


ooh, a double blog post!

I have followed most of the post on Biblical Womanhood, and am now at the relaxing and put your feet up for a while stage!

The post started off with a 'refresh your spirit', which to my shame was a 2 page rant in my diary about how hard-done-by I was feeling, how frustrated with the mess I was etc etc. I turned to my bible at the last minute (duh, this should have been the first thing I did, but I wanted to wallow - bad tinky) and here was the verse that so uplifted and encouraged me - no condemnation here, I was already doing that to myself:

"Praise the LORD.
Praise the name of the LORD;
praise him, you servants of the LORD, 2 you who minister in the house of the LORD"
Psalm 135 v 1-2

See, what I am doing is noticed by God! I know that 'house of the Lord' probably refers to the Church building of the day, but I feel that my house is the Lord's to be used for his purposes, and thus the work I do in it is ministry. Thanks God for the affirmation!

I cleaned my kitchen sink and surfaces, tidied clutter away as best I could (kinda hard when most of the 'out of place' stuff is renovation tools/bathroom bits and pieces etc) swept the kitchen floor and hoovered through including the stairs and half our bedroom. I wiped over the bathroom (that was already half done by the time I got downstairs this morning anyway). I have decided to take a break now as I don't want to break myself by doing too much.

I feel so refreshed now, even though the house doesn't look that different. I know its kinda clean!


REAL ME said…
I am glad you feel refreshed. I love it when God gives us a little ray of sunshine from his word to cling to!
Renee said…
Glad you were refreshed and that you didn't overdo it! You have my sympathies on the renovation clutter & mess.