A busy home day

I have a busy day ahead of me today, made so due to the fact that I was a lazy person yesterday (lets not even go there, I was a horrible person to be around, so thankfully I was on my own!), and the fact that I have agreed to go into work tomorrow to give some training to the new girl who has replaced me. This is the girl we interviewed who has a 4 hour round commute just to get to work... Still, while I'm only going in for a few hours, when you take into account travelling time and the subsequent tiredness, its going to be a long day out.

So today I have a lot of phone calls to make, eggs to buy (still trying to decide whether it is worth driving a couple of miles to get 12 eggs for £1.50, or whether I should just get them in the village where they are more expensive...) a birthday card for my brother to get, and some salad for tea, as well as some filing and organising and then the big task of the day - meal planning and writing a shopping list for the next month of meals. It usually takes a good couple of hours to do that, and I know that I should break it down and do it a week at a time, but I prefer to get it over and done with!

In terms of clutter, Hubby and I bagged up all the books ready to take to the charity shop at the weekend, and we started to sort through the understairs cupboard last night, throwing away lots of paper. Feels good!

Right, I had better go and get started on the phone calls. Once they are made, I can put the papers away, go and buy some eggs and get cooking (hm quiche and Hubby's birthday cakes - he's decided he wants fairy cakes with raisens in them and icing on top. Perhaps I should buy some hundreds and thousands too???!)


Kelly said…
Hi Di!

I came across your blog from Crystal's Making Your Home a Haven challenge and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your baby-on-the-way!! We're expecting another child in January, and it's neat to "see" other preggo gals. :o)

Happy birthday to your husband...my Hubs' bday is today in fact. Have a very blessed week!

In His Joy,