11 weeks to go!!!

I love the babystrology thingy I have on my blog, but its also a little scary! 11 weeks and our lives will be changed forever. I can't wait! I so cannot wait to meet my little one, I can feel him/her moving and I wonder what they will look like, whether they will be a snuggly baby or an independent baby, what great plans God has for their lives. I haven't thought too much about the birth yet, got far too much else to think about and get done before that. I figure that if I don't think about it too much, I can't worry about it either. I know I want a natural a birth as possible, but the baby has got to come out one way or another and its going to happen however prepared or otherwise that I am. The place I am giving birth is very much geared towards a natural birth and intervention is only a last resort, so with that ethos in mind, I don't think I need to be too concerned about too many 'medical' bits happening unnecessarily.

Anyway, as ever, a whole list of things to get done this week (early maternity leave is such a blessing, how I would get this stuff all done while still working I have no idea). Still working on the old morning routine, but the fact that things are getting done without me thinking too much about it is a good thing. This week I am focussing on making sure Hubby has a lunch for work each day. Easy week this week since he only needs lunch today and tomorrow! He said that he felt a little bad that I had put this lunch together for him as he felt he should be doing it himself. But then he smiles and says 'I love you doing this wife thing!'. So we are all winners :)


Renee said…
Glad to hear you're doing so well!
Vanessa said…

Love the new look of the blog and your pix :)

Soon you and your baby blessing will be face to face :)