Maybe my decision will be made for me...

So I talked to my boss yesterday, and being the lovely guy that he is said that he is happy for me to stop work whenever I want, even if it means leaving him in a sticky situation. So him being lovely makes me want to help him out.

Then he tells me that he is actually out of the office all of next week. I feel that it would be inappropriate for me to leave next week as planned as it would feel like I was sneaking out of work, never to return. Also, it would mean that my boss would come back to effectively an empty office (I say effectively, because we work in an open-plan environment and thus the office is rarely empty), and I didn't think this was very fair.

So I have said that I would stay an extra week to tie up loose ends and things. But again, this may all change if HR find someone who they want to start after I want to leave. Perhaps I could work out a way of coming in for a couple of days to handover...

It took me an hour to get home last night because of the roadworks, even with leaving at 3.30pm rather than my usual 4.30pm. That is going to get old really fast.

And yesterday evening was spent fighting a large spider all by myself as Hubby was away. I had a panic attack, the fast breathing, the sweating, the tears, the full works. Then pulled myself together and hoovered it up, stuffed the hoover nozzle with tissue and put the hoover outside for Hubby to deal with when he comes home. Needless to say, I didn't sleep at all well last night, so am knackered today. But he comes home tonight to save me from horrible critters.