I made it! Home!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I begin maternity leave today (although technically I am on vacation leave with maternity leave due to start 22nd July), and to be honest I feel oddly flat. Perhaps I am feeling under the weather because my body has realised that it no longer has any pressure on it and can really relax...? It feels strange not to be tied to my work laptop, or anyone else's schedule for the first time in years, and yet strangely calming. I still got up at the same time (ish) I would if I was working from home, and there is already a wash about to finish in the washing machine as is usual for this time on a Thursday. And I will put some bread on it a bit as well. But the rest of the day is my own.

I have so many plans, so many tasks to do it all feels a little overwhelming. I need to sit down and work out a routine that also incorporates plenty of rest or else I will feel guilty for sitting down and putting my feet up!

I will post properly later on. I just felt that I should record my thoughts first thing on my first day home. Time to go and hang the washing out, clean the bathroom and bake some bread!


Renee said…
Congrats Di!

I hope you let us know how it is for you. :)