Early mornings

Hubby has decided that going into work for 7am and leaving at 3.45pm is a good idea. And for the most part, I agree. It does mean, however, that the alarm goes off at 5.45am, and I am then awake for the day. Breakfast at 6.15am - not quite the relaxing mornings I had in mind, but at least I don't have to be dressed at silly 0'clock and can go back to bed. Although not for the last two mornings as deliveries have been booked from 8am onwards. So its 9.25am, and I feel like I have been up for ages (and still no sign of the 8am delivery).

Yesterday was thoroughly productive, although I paid for it from 3pm onwards, very tired, achy and feeling rather nauseaus. I think one of the reasons that I don't feel quite so 'yay I don't work any more' is because I did my usual Thursday routine yesterday, and my usual Friday routine today. I don't think it will feel too real until next Wed, as Hubby is taking Monday and Tuesday off to fit the new bathroom with my Dad. I'm also feeling a little under the weather, which I think is my body's way of saying 'finally, you've stopped!', but with lots of honey and lemon and sleep and fresh air, it shouldn't last long.

The midwife appointment went well yesterday, everything is fine, blood pressure is normal (which it never is when not pregnant!) urine normal (poss TMI?!) baby heartbeat going like the clappers, measurements right on. I am being referred for potentail consultant care because my mum had a DVT in the last month, and her mother had one and her mother had one. I have been told to keep my feet moving and to not cross my legs when sitting. This is the hardest part as I do it so unconsciously, that I am really having to be vigilant. Well, its the hardest part until I give birth, when they may decide to give me a course of injections that I give myself... I don't do needles...

And in house news - kitchen should be continued this afternoon with tiles being put on the window sills, skirting boards and architraves put on and perhaps a box built around the electricity box and boiler. Bathroom downstairs is an empty shell with exposed brickwork and the baby room is almost all covered in plasterboard ready for plastering. Going to be a busy weekend!