I have a dilemma.

I had planned to leave work on June 18th, take 2 weeks holiday and then have my maternity leave start on July 7th. Which means that I had planned to stop work in 9 days time.

However, I still have no maternity cover in place. Apparently it took work 6 weeks to work out that there was no-one internally who could cover my role. 6 weeks! And so a couple of weeks ago, they asked some employment agencies to find someone. I submitted a CV from a friend. But to date, there has not been any interest. Not one CV has been sent from any of the agencies.

HR want someone with legal experience to take on my role. I think this is unnecessary as a) I have not used my legal training much, if at all in the three years I have been doing this job, b) the complicated patent stuff will be carried out by my counterpart in the US and this has already been agreed, c) most of the contract drafting work has been outsourced to our Paris office and d)the work that remains is basically administrative and record keeping. But HR makes the requirements... And they want to wait another 2 weeks to see if any more CVs come in.

So my dilemma is this. Do I stop work when I said I would, knowing that I would leave my boss in the lurch and then leaving a lot of work to pile up for the new person who then would receive no hand-over training, or do I keep working until they find me a replacement, which could take at least 4 weeks from now, assuming they find someone this week?

Keeping working would mean:
  • More money coming in
  • My position won't be too much of a mess for someone else to walk into
  • I still have a good 90 minute commute each day
  • I continue to be very tired at the end of the day, rendering me pretty useless Mon-Wed evenings
  • I have no final date to work towards, and could keep working indefinately, and thus HR have little motivation to replace me anytime soon

Stopping work on June 18th would mean:

  • I have a stopping date, a goal
  • I am better able to plan for the baby
  • I will stop being so tired all the time
  • No 90 minute commute
  • I can begin to get a home routine started
  • Budgeted money only will be coming in
  • My boss would be left in a bit of a pickle

Bottom line at the moment is this: I really really want to stop work in 9 days time. But I really don't want to make life harder for my boss and my eventual replacement by doing so, just because HR can't get things sorted.

Any advice?