Its all coming together nicely

Sorry again for the lack of posting, but there has been nothing overly exciting to report recently. Its like having a phone call with your mother every week where the weeks have just been same old same old,work, eating, sleeping, etc.

But I felt it was time for an update on where we are now.

Baby: We had our 20 week scan yesterday, and the baby is doing really well. We didn't find out the sex of the baby as they don't tell us at the hospital that we are at. But perhaps it makes the wait all the more worthwhile! Baby is moving around lots, and I can feel him/her most of the time gently wriggling, which is reassuring to say the least! October still feels like a long long time away though. I am feeling so much better now, still feeling tired at the end of the day, but just feel so positive and glowy. I love this pregnancy thing, especially now that I have a proper bump to show off. It literally appeared over night. I went to bed looking like I'd eaten too many pies, and woke up looking pregnant! I'm starting to wear maternity clothes rather than one-size bigger clothes, although I have yet to wear an entire maternity outfit. Take today - I am wearing my pre-pregnancy hipster jeans but with a maternity t-shirt. To work I am wearing maternity trousers and one-size-bigger jumpers.

Kitchen: We have a floor, we have an oven, we have a fully functioning washing machine (such a blessing!), we have most of the cabinets in place. We are just waiting on a couple more cupboards and a dishwasher to be delivered, and the worktops to be fitted. Hopefully this should happen this weekend. So by close of play Saturday, I should have a fully functioning kitchen again. Its been 10 weeks!!! So far my favourite purchases have been the rangemaster cooker in claret colour, which I am so looking forward to using properly (the oven actually works, unlike the old one!), and the new table and chair set we have for the kitchen. It is basically an oversized bistro table and chairs, which means that the table is as high as the worktops, with chairs to match. When Hubby and I sit on the chairs, our feet don't touch the floor, which is pretty cool when we are both 6ft plus (he's plus!). I think we are going to have to get steps and cushions for guests or it will look like we are entertaining munchkins...

I only have another 4 weeks left at work... Well, I have another 8 days in the office and then I have 2 weeks holiday before the maternity leave kicks in. So I am looking to stop work effectively around the 18th June. I know that this is really early, but I want to enjoy my pregnancy, the summer, etc and the commute to work has just got a whole lot longer due to roadworks that seem to plague at least half of the journey.

All of our pregnant friends of last year have had their babies now, and seem to be doing well. I feel so blessed that we were pregnant before even one of them was born, so that the pain of losing our first baby wasn't magnified even more, if you see what I mean. There have been three boys and three girls. Now we are next in line!! Woohoo! I can't wait!

Anyway, that is where we are at at the moment, for any of you who still read here. I hope to blog more once I am on Mat Leave as I work on getting a routine established so I don't end up wasting my time away.

Take care all