Simple Season

I am coming to the end, I think, of a simple season. I have been encouraged by many mum-blogs that it is ok to have 'simple seasons' in your life, where you don't expect too much from yourself, and that you are happy with that, no matter what anyone else says.

The last 3 weeks, I have been without a kitchen, and this looks set to continue for another 3 weeks. I am cooking in the microwave in the lounge, where the fridge freezer is also living. I am doing my washing at various friends houses, and trying to keep on top of having clean clothes and food to eat. It hasn't helped that I have been 'suffering' from all day morning sickness, which manifests itself as nausea and extreme tiredness for the past 11 weeks (although the last 2 weeks have been better), and having an hour and half round commute 3 days a week.

So while all this was going on, I have been having a simple season. I cooked simple meals to freeze, and have been eating a lot of salads (no bad thing!). I have been buying more packaged food such as cakes and biscuits, and having more take-away meals. I have not done a whole lot of housework, just making sure the bathroom furniture was clean, the 'kitchen' kept wiped up and clean, and the washing and ironing done. I have been in bed most nights around 9pm, and cut back on outside responsibilities. And that pretty much is all I have been capable of the last few weeks, ok, so its nearly 3months!

Sometimes the people around me (read MIL) haven't understood this. I have been critisised for the levels of dust in my bedroom, the dust on the skirting boards in the bathroom and the two packets of chocolate biscuits in my 'kitchen'. I have been disapproved of for serving quiche and potato wedges from packets when MS was at its worst. But then MIL did decide to come and clean my house for me. Well, the rooms we are living in. Hence the comments about the bedroom and the bathroom. She said that she was happy to come and clean for me when the baby is born - but is it worth the critisism then too?

I plan on another simple season for at least the first 6 weeks of the baby's life. Even simpler than this one. I plan to enjoy my baby, my husband in his new role as Dad, and me in my new role as Mum. I don't plan on getting much done, other than making sure I and the baby are clean and fed. And rested. And I won't let anyone make me feel bad for it. There is always time for cleaning/cooking/housework/entertaining, but your baby is only newborn once.