Mourning Into Dancing

Praise the Lord!


Renee said…
How wonderful! I am just thrilled for you and your husband! :D

If I am doing my math correctly, your precious little one is to be arriving in October, right?!
Di said…
I'm due Oct 6th, but as everyone knows, babies rarely show up when they are expected. Except for me. Been on time for everything ever since!
Karen said…
Yeay, many congratulations Di! such exciting news for you, keep dancing.
ellen said…
Congratulations, Di, to you and your husband! What wonderful, wonderful news!!

I've actually been eagerly waiting for this post, because in a comment on my blog the other day you said something about, "When we WERE the only ones who weren't pregnant . . ." and I've been hoping it was an intentional past tense!

So excited to hear more details as you feel comfortable sharing here. Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.
Vanessa said…
I know I'm late....

Congratulations to you and hubby!

Praying for a smooth pregnancy and beyond!