Woohoo 2008

A sparkly new year ahead, I wonder what is is going to hold. I love the beginning of the year, everything is fresh and the world is full of untapped opportunities. This time last year, I had a feeling that 2007 was going to be a year of change, but didn't quite know how. I thought I would stop work, and perhaps have a baby.

But it turned out a little different to what I had dreamily thought. And so this year, I am not going to plan too much for what I think might happen, but I think I will come up with some goals to focus on and take it from there.

Christmas was quietly busy - I had flu over the entire holiday, only really getting better on New Years Eve, but I still managed to entertain everyday for 5 days, only crashing when we reached my parent's house for a rest! New Year was spent in London with our dear Uni friends, ice-skating in Hyde Park (very magical), watching the fireworks on the Thames from St James's Park (breathtaking), and getting back to our friend's flat to sleep (long, drawn-out and crushing). And so back to work today - I need another week off!