How the quiet inspires

The house is silent, and the sun is making a rare appearance. I am sitting in the lounge waiting for the 5th strange man in a 4 days to come to my house. This time it is the electrician. This morning was the cavity wall insulation survey men, and on Monday it was two builders. We are about to embark on having a lot of work done in our house, and its rather overwhelming.

What started off as 'please remove this wall and refit our kitchen' has turned into 'please remove this wall, the kitchen roof and the chimney breast and the wall that it is built onto, and then rebuild the roof, insert an RSJ in place of the wall, plaster, re-do the electrics, move the boiler and refit the kitchen. Oh and if you wouldn't mind replastering the study and the spare upstairs bedroom while you are at it, that would be great'.

Currently the upstairs spare room has no floor as Hubby is replacing the joists. They will go in this weekend. The study has no ceiling as the ceiling is the floor of the upstairs spare room. There are two holes in my kitchen ceiling where the builders looked to see which way the ceiling joists ran. They don't. The roof is a concrete slab, hence the replacement. I have numerous holes in walls, random wires and pipes exposed, a boxed radiator in the lounge and rooms worth of stuff re-homed albeit temporarily. And it is going to get worse. We are essentially going to have to pack up everything in the left hand side of the house and move it over to the right. And when these rooms are the ones that contain the most stuff, its going to get kinda crowded...

We are planning to move out while the work is done, but as we are doing some of it ourselves, like removing the old kitchen, replacing the floor, tiling, painting, etc the house could well be in a pickle for a little while yet.

Oh well. As long it is done and finished by October.