He made it home, and before 6pm!

Well, Hubby did make it home, it seems like the river road was just a flash flood and it was all dry by the time he got home. On the upside, all the water cleared away all the leaves that were in front of the house, so that is a job that we no longer have to do! The weather has been rather unsettled for the rest of the week, and apparently we are to expect more rain and flooding over the next few days. At the moment it is dark and dismal, the kind of day you want to curl up with a good book, a log fire and a cup of hot chocolate, But there is work to be done!

Tomorrow was our little one's due date - I am not feeling too sad about it, but I will be celebrating her little life and her purpose in our lives by buying lots of yellow flowers to put around the house. I have been so touched by my friends who have remembered that tomorrow was the due date and are loving me through it. I am hanging out with a couple of girly friends tomorrow afternoon, as Hubby said, to be there for me and keep me happy but without making a fuss. Just what I need!

The way I see it is this (and this is perhaps why I am not too emotional (yet!)). God had a plan for our baby, and that plan was to snuggle in my womb for 7 weeks. It was never in the plan for our first to be born, and thus how I can get upset about something that was never to happen anyway? I will rejoice that I had the 7 weeks, the knowledge of my baby for 3 lovely, exciting, blessed weeks. I can still feel the specialness now, and I want to hold onto that, focus on that rather than the loss. Remind myself what we had and continue to have and not what we have lost.

However, that is not to say that we don't still have our tough times. I think this post sums it up in a way I could never do, it is beautifully written, and captures everything I feel. Do take time to read it, it makes a lot of sense!


Mrs. Brigham said…
Many prayers are being said for you, Di. I pray that the Lord will bless you and comfort you in the days to come. The thoughts you have shared on this post are very inspiring to me and really do touch my heart.