Aggressive? Me?

I have just had my first visit to the new doctors down the road. I went in with a UTI which I get 2-3 times a year. So, I am eventually called in by the lady doctor (15 mins late), and take a seat. The following conversation ensues:

Doc: So, what can I do for you?
Me: I'd like some antibiotics please, I have a UTI.
Doc: Have I offended you? You seem very aggressive.
Me: ????????????????????????????????????????

I have never ever been called aggressive in my life before. I don't believe that it is one of my usual character traits, especially when meeting with someone for the first time. Was it the way I took my seat (the one next to the desk rather than the one further away?)? Was it the fact that I sat up straight and didn't slouch? Was it the fact that I answered her question accurately? Was it the fact that I knew what was wrong and what I needed to fix it? Perhaps it was that I was nervous (I am not a big fan of sitting in doctors waiting rooms with sick people) and I wasn't as smiley as she would like me to be. Or perhaps it was that she felt threatened by my stature (6ft tall) and confidence in knowing what I needed, while she is a mouse of a woman physically and verbally, whom quite frankly I don't feel very confident in at all.

Whatever it was, I just said 'no, sorry', like a little school kid who had been told off, and blushed like one too. I was just so shocked I could barely concentrate on the rest of the conversation. But she did give me some antibiotics eventually.

What should I do? I feel like I should mention it to someone at the practice because you can't just go around accusing people you have only just met of being aggressive, especially when they weren't being. I wasn't shouting, swearing, throwing my fists around. But then would I be making a huge issue out of something relatively minor? Also, how is this going to impact things from here on in? I don't want to feel like I am going to be accused of things the moment I walk in the door each time I go to the docs. Should I change doctors? I mean, she is not much older than me, so we could spend the next 60 years of our lives seeing each other.

Its difficult. I'm sure she is not a nasty person, but I have a feeling she is one of life's really quiet people who are actually quite cutting on their own with you, but in public are sweet and lovely. We'll see.


Mrs. Brigham said…
That is crazy!! If it were me, I probably would talk to someone at the office about changing doctors, while explaining the situation and noting that I was not so much mad but just uncomfortable with the situation. But then again, I am not a "doctor person" so I might be a little on the nutty side when it comes to such things ;o)