When I am at home full time I am going to have to stick to a routine. Especially in the winter months, when it is so much easier to stay in bed and let Hubby have the first shower and have him bring me a cup of tea rather than be disciplined and get up and get on.

This morning was a case in point. Since moving, I have gotten lazy, there is no other word for it really. Thursday morning rolls around, and I am so tired that I think 'I'll let Hubby get up first, and I'll have a lie in and it doesn't matter, as long as I am at my computer by 9am latest.' This morning I felt like I had an extra excuse - my sinuses are playing up and I felt rather grotty, but then looking back, I can always come up with an excuse as to why I am 'allowed' to stay in bed that bit longer. I am lacking in discipline and feel bad.

I feel that as Hubby still has to get up and go to work, the least I could do is get up with him, and let him know that I take being a wife at home as a serious job not a chance to laze around while he works to keep me, as it were. I mean, when I was disciplined, I would have the bathroom cleaned, 2 washes done (at least one out drying and the other in the washing machine) and perhaps something else done by 9am. Now I struggle to get the first washload in, and as for the bathroom - well, its not going to clean itself!

When I have a routine, I find it easier to motivate myself to get things done, and I get more out of the day. On days like today where I have been slack, its 10.45am, and the house still looks a mess. I have done some paid work, and the second washload is on, but, I feel slovenly. I need to pop into the village at lunchtime, and I like to feel that I have a morning's work behind me when I do. Its not going to happen today :(

I do work from a to-do list, but I always put far too much on and feel bad for not completing it. Thing is, I know I could complete it if I didn't feel so tired all the time. Correction, I let the tiredness I feel in my body be used as a cop-out for my brain. When my brain feels tired and my face hurts, I don't want to do anything, and yet I know that this is purely psychological (apart from the face ache - that's sinuses!). I need to re-train my thinking, to get back on track. And with that, I am going to attack the house, well, at least get the next washload drying and a bathroom cleaned and a bed re-made!


Renee said…
How did you do at sticking to your routine Di? I also find it to be a struggle days when I am at home, and I fear that if I'm home full time without a child to keep me occupied I'll waste so much time and not really accomplish very much.