We're moving house!

We exchanged contracts on our new house this morning, with a moving in date of next Friday. We are so excited to be moving, the new house is bigger and more rural, and we have felt God's hand over the whole thing, from the initial look round to sorting the loans and mortgages, to even having a Christian solicitor dealing with us. I will post some photos when we are settled in, but we feel so blessed to be able to have this house. We have certainly bought it in faith - it is a 4 bed place and we want to fill it with children.

We couldn't have bought this house if I was on maternity leave and not going back to work. Although we'd trade the new house for our baby in a nano-second, it again has the hallmarks of God's hand and blessing. I am not saying that God caused the miscarriage or anything like that, because we live in a fallen world and things don't always work out. But God has used the situation in which we currently find ourselves to bless in unexpected ways.

And there is another blessing in the making too. I am getting a new boss! My boss is off to a new position within the company, and I am getting a new boss. This has been a long time in coming as due to visa issues, the start date for my new boss keeps being pushed back further and further. I have met my new boss, he's not a lot older than me, and we get on really well already. I think I am really going to enjoy working for/with him. He is happy with my working pattern (Mon-Wed in office, Thurs at home and Fri not working), and I am hoping to ask him if I can shift my hours when I start so that I don't spend an hour every morning stuck in traffic...Perhaps this is another way of God using my current situation of not being on maternity leave to help someone else out.


ellen said…
Congrats on the new house! Moving can be exhausting and overwhelming--having just moved this week I can attest to that firsthand--but how wonderful to have a new home! Very exciting. I hope everything goes smoothly. So glad things have worked out so well thus far and that you've seen the hand of God in it all, blessing you along the way.