We're in!

We are all moved in to our new house, and moving day was great. We had 10 people help us move, so it was all done relatively quickly and easily.

However, the house contained a lot of 'surprises' shall we say. We need new windows, new floors in most of the rooms, most of the rooms need replastering, and certainly redecorating. We need to sort out the heating and the garden (a little worry in the grand scheme of things), a front path with lighting so we can see our way into the house. Oh and we have mice too. And lots of spiders, which definately doesn't make me happy.

We have been having builders and window people and kitchen and bathroom people coming in over the last 10 days to quote for various bits of work. We couldn't have it done until our house was sold, and that was looking likely for the end of the year. I say 'was' as this morning, our buyer pulled out. It now looks like we won't be able to do anything to improve the house even in terms of heat and livability.

So we are having a re-think. It has taken 3 months to get this far, and so with it being so close to Christmas, the sales market is slowing down. So we have decided to rent out the house and try to make a bit of extra money to pay the mortgage with, even though the rental income won't cover the mortgage payments. So that takes the pressure off finding a buyer, at least for a while.

And as for our new house... I have a challenge on my hands to make it as homey and bright and clean and welcoming as possible while spending next to no money doing so. We have started work on the guest room, so that has to finish, especially since it currently has no ceiling. But I will see what I can do. As long as I am warm, I am happy!