I don't know how they do it...

Working mothers, that is. And I have a mighty respect for them.

My husband has been off sick with a sick bug the last couple of days, and I am exhausted after looking after him, not sleeping properly, working full time etc etc etc. How working mothers do this when there is even more asked of them, I don't know. Whilst I know that me being a working mother, when the time comes, is not an option for us, it has taught me to pray for, and support my friends who will choose to be working mums especially when the family get sick.

I am glad that Hubby is now better and back at work - perhaps now I can get some rest, and try to prevent myself from coming down with the same thing. One thing I have noticed is that when these bugs rip round families, very often, the mother is the only one who doesn't get sick. I think God gives a special blessing to mothers and wives when illness abounds, and protects them from the worst of the bugs.