Things a little damp where we are...

This weekend, we have seen severe flooding in and around Cheltenham. The worst hit is Teweksbury, but the water is bursting the flood defences in Gloucester.

Our house is safe and dry at the moment, however, we are about to lose our water supply until Wednesday at the earliest. The water pumping station has been flooded, which means that there is no more clean water being pumped out, and what is left is almost gone. The options are to stay and wait it out, or to leave and go and stay with my parents over the other side of the country.

I don't know what is going to happen where work is concerned. I don't want to make any unnecessary journeys, and I can work from home. But Hubby is determined to go into work, even though it is more than likely that there will be no running water there either, which legally means that he cannot stay at work.

Part of me wants to stay to see where we can help out, we are by no means vulnerable in this situation, and there are plenty of people worse off than we are. Another part of me thinks that if we leave, that is 2 less people to use the precious water supply.

At the moment, we are using rain water from the water-butt in the garden to flush the loo, and we have 6 2litre bottles of water being delivered by Hubby's bro in the morning. At the moment, we still have electricity, but some places are starting to be cut off.

The next few hours are going to be interesting...