The taps are totally dry

We have had no running water since Sunday night. Electricity came back on Monday evening, people have been working around the clock to keep us safe. I wonder if they realise how grateful everyone is. From the people who have been building barricades around power stations, to the people who are bringing water to us, to the people who are handing it out.

We are currently staying with hubby's parents who still have water. Hubby was sent home from work yesterday, and as such, both of us are working from home. My work lost water yesterday. It all seems like a bit of an adventure at the moment, but then it is easy for us to say that as we haven't really been affected by the flood water, and we have had plenty of offers of places to stay that still have water.

The people in the know are saying that we will be without water for 2 weeks. I guess bottled water and water from bowsers will become a way of life before then.