So very very excited!!!

So, there I was, last night, attempting to have a business meeting with Hubby about our fledgling photography business.

I suggested that perhaps it would be a good idea for me to give my job in December so that I could concentrate more on running the business. It was either that or get another laptop. And straight away, Hubby says 'sounds like a good idea, you give up work at the end of the year'.


I couldn't carry on for a little while after that! Just kept grinning like a fool. I never expected that reaction, I thought he'd plump for the new laptop. So finally, I get to come home full time. No more workplace office environment for me. I can finally be where my heart desires.

Yes, I will have to be disciplined. Yes, I will have to be more careful about spending money. But this is what I have been 'training' for ever since God laid it on my heart to be at home full time, a year ago.

My heart is so thankful!