Ok, I have signed up to Facebook. Not becuase anyone invited me, indeed, had they done, I would have politely declined.

What is the draw of facebook? Surely it is just some popularity contest, a way to prove to all the people that you haven't seen for years that you are Somebody, and have Made It. I have to say, having signed up, most of the people that are linked to me are friends with whom I am still in touch. I am still in touch with them because I want to be. There are other people that I am not in touch with because I choose not to be, and yet through places like Facebook, there are there, added into profiles and linked as popularity fodder.

I admit, I get a thrill when I see that someone has linked to me, or left me a message. But on the whole, they have been from people that I would have had contact with anyway. I am not sure, after the initial buzz, whether it is something worth keeping up with.

It is crazy, I had been registered with the site for about 3 hours and I already had 18 people wanting to join my page. That pace has not kept up, I have to say!

And as for the profile, and the picture, well. I am very well aware that this could become a huge competition, and yes, I do want to come across as happy, articulate and successful. But why is that? Trying to win the approval and acceptance of people that I don't really care about (cos lets face it, the people that you do care about already know all about you!)? How silly.

I think I will keep it open for a while, just to see who would get in touch. Mind you, I'm registered under my married name, so not many people from my past will find me!