Needing to Work on Self Loveliness...

I am struggling with being lovely inside at the moment. At the moment I am seething because of my boss, and really want to throw in the towel at work because of him. Its nothing he has said or done that is outrightly nasty or anything but I feel his whole attitude to me is one of disrespect.

Like yesterday, I went to file some papers in a file, a file which he had previously used at a meeting. At this meeting, he took the entire contents of the file out of the file. At the end of the meeting, he just stuffed all the papers, out of order, back between the folder flaps and then just threw it back in the cupboard. When I eventually found the folder (he didn't have a clue where it was), I found it in this messy, disorganised state. That made me mad enough - I had taken the trouble to make the folder, to make it nice and easy for him to refer to things in it, and I get it thrown back in my face. So I took the folder back to my desk. And I dropped it. Paper all over the floor as none of the papers had been put back securely. I then spent another hour sorting through the papers, putting them back in the right order and making the folder usable again. Not a word of sorry or thanks from my boss when I put it back.

And then today, he informs me that he has signed me up to a database, so that I can duplicate all the work that I have already done in logging paperwork that comes to me. And he wants me to go through all our paperwork and add it to this new database, creating a new record for each piece of paper. WHEN ONE ALREADY EXISTS. I have done this work once already. When I questioned it, it was a case of 'we are running the two databases simultaneously, so some work will be repeated'. Some???? More like all. GRRRRRR. I am one mad lady. But there is a little ray of light in this - the new database doesn't quite work properly yet, so I can't do anything on it anyway.

But on the bright side, at least I am at home. I have done a lot of housey things this morning, though not as many as I wanted to. Just meal planning and writing a shopping list at the moment.