The Hardest Job In The World

According to this article in the Times, being a celebrity wife is the hardest job in the world. Why? Because you put your husband first, his needs before yours, and be in submission to him.

Isn't this what the Bible calls us wives to do? Isn't that the Godly way of living in a marriage? In this day and age of female independence, these ideas are old fashioned and restrictive. These ideas fly in the face of 'all women have worked for' But, if you believe this article, all of that doesn't matter if your husband happens to be extremely loaded, powerful and even good-looking to boot.

So that creates an interesting dichotomy. Being a submissive wife, supportive of your husband, putting him first as the head of your family and your marriage is to deny yourself as a woman in your own right. Unless of course, your husband 'deserves' your life devoted to him by being successful, powerful and above all rich.

I don't believe that God makes this distinction. Woman was created to be man's helpmeet, regardless of who he is outside of the marriage, how much money he makes, how famous he is.

I also think that we can learn a lot from these so called celebrity wives who put their husbands first. As the article says 'he is your job, honey!'