We Have Progress

I had my follow-up meeting with my boss this morning, all 2 minutes of it. Mind you, for a meeting that long, makes you wonder why he a) doesn't stop by my desk to chat, or b) drop me an email! Anyway, I digress.

It has been proposed that I work three days in the office and one day at home. This is, I think, to ensure that we all get what we want - me at home for two days a week, and the company doesn't have to re-think its pay or benefits structure to suit this abnormal working pattern. I have had to write a proposal for my one day working from home, which seems a little backward since it was work who offered me the one-day work from home!

But you know what, I think it will work for the meantime, until I can give up work completely. Now giving up work was scheduled for when we had saved 'enough' which would have been July this year, but now Hubby has said I can only stop work full time when I am pregnant. Whenever that will be. But I am following his lead on this, and if he wants me to work, then I will honour my marriage vows and obey him.

Working from home one day a week and having one day to myself is the best of both worlds. I don't get that many emails which require me to do work during a day, so it means that I can either have my email alerts on 'make some noise when an email hits my inbox' or I can just check in every half an hour or so. This in turn means that I can spend most of the day doing housewifey stuff, which would be great. I would be tied to the house, so I would have to work on house things, which can only be a good thing. It also means that we save 50% on my lunch money, and probably 33% on our petrol costs, which will be just in time for our mortgage increase in June. God is so good, He works things out so that they all fall into place at the right time. Working from home also means that I don't have to take any further cuts in pay, which is great, which means that we can attack our mortgage that bit more.

You know, it is at times like this when God's timing and provision blows me away. The fact that He is interested in the tiny little things makes Him even more awesome. He made the universe and He is interested in the ins and outs of my little job and mortgage and pulls things together to make them bless me, us.

We are also witnessing God's hand on Hubby's job. He said from the moment he started out as a graduate engineer that he wanted to make Chief Engineer by the time he was 25. His HR manager laughed at him and said he'd never make it. Fast forward 3.5 years. Hubby's team has had a re-shuffle. One of the guys handed in his notice, and then the MD offered him the Chief Engineer role to try to make him stay. This guy turned it down and is still leaving. Hubby's boss, the current CE has told the team that he is being promoted sometime in the next 6 months and there will be an opening for the CE role. Hubby has been offered the role in the past, on the quiet, for sometime in the future, so when this other guy was offered it, he was gutted. Now the way looks like it is being paved for Hubby to realise his ambition... Watch and see!