Hello - sorry for the hiatus, was poorly, busy (I know, I know!) and then away for a week in Italy. Thoroughly recommend where we stayed, it was just beautiful.

Anyway, before I went away, you may recall that I had to put in my proposal for me to work from home. I heard nothing in the 10 days or so before I left on holiday, and as my boss was away the same week I was, I didn't expect anything to happen for when I got back.

BUT!! I emailed my boss first thing Monday morning asking for a progress report, and he comes back with 'you may start your proposal whenever you are ready, I'll organise a new laptop for you'. Hardly able to believe my eyes, I emailed him back asking if I could start it this week. He said yes! Wow! So I set to work arranging a temporary laptop, which will arrive later this afternoon. So effectively, today is my Thursday. I am so excited about this, God's timing is just wonderful.

So I now work 3 days in the office and 1 day at home, and have the other day at home to myself. God's provision is amazing. I am gradually becoming the stay-at-home wife I believe is right for me.


ellen said…
So glad for your wonderful news! You've had to wait so long for this, so I'm glad that, step-by-step, things are falling into place.

And, in regards to your most recent post, WOW that's a lot of ironing! :)