Changing my focus

Ok, so today I was going to blog about the fact that my day at home a week doesn't seem to be making much of a difference to my workload during the rest of the week apart from the fact that, from my perspective, Hubby seems to have stopped doing anything around the house unless I ask him to (this is from my perspective, so probably very skewed!). So there I was feeling all hard done by and 'why should I have to do everything round here, I still work pretty much full time' and was writing this in my prayer/biblestudy/God journal.

But during my writing, God began to speak to me in a soft, gentle loving way. He showed me that as long as I have serving Hubby and my house as being my main motivation then I will always be frustrated at the results and lack of help etc etc. But if I do it as an act of worship, to serve God by being the woman and wife he made me to be, then it doesn't feel so hard anymore and I found myself asking for more opportunities to have the privilidge of serving God. A huge weight lifted from my chest, I felt my eyebrows (weird I know!) feel lighter and I felt warm and positive. Of course I am to serve my husband as he is to serve me in the Godly sense of the word, but if I put God at the centre of what I do and where He's asked me to be, then life will seem brighter.

I realised that recently I have been doing things in my own strength, which as we all know is a recipe for disaster! But when I sought God this morning, He was there in a wonderful way. Makes me wonder why its been so long since I last did it!

And on another note, I read Matt 5 this morning and pondered on it. Jesus's teaching there was totally and utterly radical. He was taking the existing laws, turning some upside down, and taking others a few hundred steps further. What must it have been like for the disciples as they sat with Jesus and heard him say all this stuff????


Vanessa said…

Thinking of you as you get started in your role at home. You are a wonderful example of how a wife at home can be. I know it can seem frustrating at times, stand firm! I have come to enjoy now how much I desire to do all for my hubby and I know at times he wants to help.

It will all come together in God's perfect timing (((hugs)))

I hope you get to come home full time soon!