Working from home today

Since I can't work out how to put a photo of myself in the profile section of blogger, I thought I would put my photo up here. It was taken in a Haagan Daaz cafe in Brussels last year.

I am working from home today we are having new carpets fitted, and someone needed to be here to make tea! It was going to be Hubby, but then he was asked to represent his company at a conference, and so here I am, sitting at the dining room table with 2 laptops in front of me! One is the home one, the other the work one.

So, I have logged onto the work computer, got me linked up with the work servers and networks (clever stuff!), and found that I have no emails that require attention. I thought I would then go and do some work in our online database, which I had spent time preparing for yesterday, and it turns out that I do not have the necessary software on the laptop to connect. So I won't be doing that then. I guess I will just sit here clicking on the 'get email' button as emails don't download automagically. I think I will use the time to write some letters the old fashioned way, drink coffee and perhaps get on to tidying up a bit. I have already done the ironing this morning, so feel that I have accomplished something!

I do feel a bit bad about doing housey stuff when I am being paid to work from home, but then if I was at work in the same situation, I'd probably just surf the internet. Some of the guys at work use 'work from home' to have a day off. The theory goes that if you send an email out at 9am, 12pm and 3pm, then it looks like you have been at work all day. I feel uncomfortable about doing that. If emails need sending, then I'll deal with them, but I am not going to put up a facade. It could even help with my 'see, I told you there is not enough work for me to do...'

Last night we slept on 2 mattresses as we had to clear 2 bedrooms for the carpet fitters. So all furniture and under the bed stuff have been moved into our other spare room where we spent the night. I felt like I was a kid again, all excited about making a camp and sleeping somewhere different in a bed that wasn't normal! Still, I had the best nights sleep I'd had for ages, which was a total blessing. Feel great this morning! And the sun is shining. Tis truly a great day to be at home!