While I wait...

While I wait for my boss to get back to me on a clause I have written, I thought I would check in.

Had a crazy busy weekend, from Thursday evening to Sunday night! Grandpa's funeral was really lovely actually, totally not what I expected. There were flowers, the chapel was packed to standing room only, and the singing was so beautifully moving. The men that spoke and prayed focussed our minds on God, on the sacrifice that Jesus made so that we could spend eternity in heaven. There were prayers for Granny and the family, it was lovely. There must have been over 100 people at the graveside. Amazing stuff.

Friday night we drove home, and Saturday morning put all the furniture back into the library and our bedroom with the shiny new carpets. Then it was off to our Alpha course day, where God really threw me in at the deep end. Our vicar asked me if I would partner him to pray for people. The idea was that he and I sat in a room separate from everyone else, and people could come for prayer if they wanted. I was so nervous. But God was gracious and used me to encourage people (well, I assume that since I didn't make anyone run away, I can't have been doing that badly!).

Home from the Alpha course, we took the carpet off the stairs and landing, and painted all the woodwork up the stairs in preparation for the rest of the new carpets coming tomorrow. We then dashed to get ready for a joint 30/60th birthday party, where we ended up leaving early as I was asleep on my feet!

On Sunday, we went to church as normal, but spent the rest of the day with a family from church with 4 year old twin girls. We made robots and played sleeping beauty - v funny to see Hubby and the girls' dad galloping round the lounge being Prince Charming to their sleeping beauties - two twins means two sleeping beauties which means two Prince Charmings were needed! From there we went to babysit for the vicar so he could take his wife out for an anniversary surprise. Finally got home about 11pm.

So there we go, the weekend in a nutshell. I still need more time off work to do wifey stuff - its just not happening at the moment!