A post of updates

Since I have started a few 'to be continued' stories, I thought I would continue them here:

The Canon Story
After a missed call from Canon, and a promise (unkept) that they would call again, I called them. I spoke to 3 people, and the upshot was for us to send the camera back for a third time. So we did, enclosing a letter expressing our frustrations and asking for a new camera as well as a cd with all the photographic evidence on it. They should have received the camera today, so we will wait and see what they say. We would like it back by next Friday....

I got a call last night from Mum to say that Grandpa's funeral is going to be next Friday. Which makes life a little interesting for us.... Hubby is in Wales with work on Wednesday, when we had the carpet fitters booked. So I have to work from home. Not a problem. Hubby is then going to London on Wed night for a viva as part of his Masters degree on Thursday morning. I will then drive to my parents house on Thursday after work and meet Hubby there. However, the carpet fitters are due to come back on Friday.... when we are 200 miles away. And we have to be back home Saturday morning for our Alpha day away. So Hubby said he would call the carpet fitters and ask them to do all the fitting on Wednesday. Which means that I have to somehow get all the beds back upstairs so I can sleep on Wednesday evening. By myself.

Part time
I have my first 'day off' tomorrow and I am so excited. I have been going round with a silly grin on my face and giving thumbs up to anyone that mentions it! One of the girls even said a 'well done' for having the guts (I presume) to do it. So looking forward to it! Tomorrow will start with a lie-in since Hubby is going out with work tonight and staying over with a friend, so I don't have to get up at 6am to get him off to work. Unless of course, I want to get up at 6am!

Happy days!