My first day at home...

..was GREAT!!! The time started from the moment I got home on Thursday, when I received a letter in the post from one of the girls who used to be in the youth group I helped to run. She is now at uni, and I hadn't heard from her for ages. She sent me such a lovely chatty letter, it really made my day, and made me feel even more blessed than I already was!

I was on my own on Thursday evening, so I treated myself to a film and an early night. On Friday, I got up at a fairly sensible time, as if I was still going to work and made a start on the housework. 2.5 hours of ironing to worship music was amazing, I really felt that God was with me. The alarm checking person came and went, and before I knew it, it was time to pick hubby up from work. He encouraged me to go and see our Godson and his mum, even though I protested that I wasn't off work to 'have fun' but he said that it was my time, and I could do what I wanted with it. Amazing man.

So we went into town and bought some bits and pieces, and then went to see our Godson. At three months old, I cannot believe how big he is, having seen him since he was 48 hours old. As my friend said "some women give birth to babies that big!" Wow.

And then when we got home, we fell asleep! Being 'at home' is really tiring! However, it did make such a difference to the rest of the weekend, I wasn't as tired as I am usually, and we got loads done. It is definately a lifestyle worth having, most definately worth the cut in pay.

And I don't think my work has suffered. Yes, I came back into the office yesterday to 36 emails, but by 3pm, I was all caught up. Although I guess we will have to see how my boss feels about handling things in my absence...

This Friday I shall be attending Grandpa's funeral. I'm looking forward to it in a weird kind of way. My Dad will be carrying the coffin. I hope I can be strong for him.