Home from Vacation


I am back from a lovely week away in the wilderness of Scotland with Hubby and our two best friends. We stayed on a peninsula on reachable by boat or 2 days walking (we took the boat!), and it was an awesome time. The scenery was stunning, hopefully I will be able to post a picture at some point. It was so nice to get away from work, from phones, from demands of every day life and just be for a while.

We got back on Friday night, and spent Saturday clearing out the loft, generating a huge pile of things for ebay. Sunday was spent at church, where we had our AGM, and I was voted onto the DCC (not entirely sure what that stands for) which is an Anglican thing, basically a committee who run the church, or something like that. I am the youngest by at least 15 years if not more, so it should be an interesting year.

Today, Hubby is off sick with a bug he picked up, probably in Scotland. It was so hard to leave him this morning to leave for work, I can't wait to get back to him to look after him. Not that he needs me fussing, (or that he'll admit to anyway!).

People keep asking what it is I do with my day home a week. 'Housework' doesn't seem to cut it with most people. But I have had 3 Fridays off so far, the first one went kind of as planned, the second one was spent at my Grandpa's funeral, the third one was getting ready to go on holiday and then leaving early afternoon, and then this Friday I am spending it at the hospital with my friend who needs me with her for an appointment, before I head off for an appointment of my own.

It really feels as though I need the extra day home that work didn't grant me this time around. Maybe then I can get onto all the projects that are looking at me. But then, God has ways of providing interruptions, enabling me to be His hands and feet and shoulders etc where perhaps if I was working, I couldn't otherwise be. I'm amazed that it has happened so quickly - I thought I would have to 'prove' myself at home before God would start to use me there...


I have found the home is a great place to be used. I am glad you enjoyed your holiday. connie from Texas