My part-time terms which were promised to be delivered by the end of this week will now not be even discussed until Monday morning at 11am. Which closes the window before the 10th Feb even more. I am disappointed, but all I can do is wait.

On the upside, we have some friends from university coming to stay this weekend. They got together a week after Hubby and I did, in our first year at uni. Hubby and Mr. G lived together in the first year. It is going to be an interesting weekend, since we have never spent this amount of time together before. I am planning on taking them into town shopping, to church, out for a meal and hopefully have some time to chill out as well.

Hopefully, by the time I get home, Hubby would have done most of the housework that needs doing... I left him a list telling him that he didn't have to get everything done, but he just said 'you know me, its a challenge to finish the list before you come home' so I guess we will wait and see!

Tomorrow, I am planning on jogging early (silly woman), dropping off my borrowred clairnet, and then picking up a new folding chair for my bureau that I got from ebay a while ago. And I would like to watch the rugby, but I guess we'll have to see how things pan out.

Happy weekend all!