Part-Time Terms

I have had my terms given to me 'for discussion'. As I have found out, what 'discussion' means is 'we will tell you what we are prepared to offer and that is final'.

What I have been offered is 4 days a week with Fridays off on the proviso that I meet all my deadlines by Thursday close of play. And that I am available to come into work on Friday if I am needed. I wasn't happy about this, since I said that I wanted 3 days, but they said that it would be a trial period for 2 months. I said that if it didn't reduce after 2 months, then I would hand my notice in.

Pay is pro-rata on the basis of hours, even though I will do the same amount of work.

The provisional start date is 1 March, 2 months after I made the initial request. It will be 1st May before I get what I really want.

Not exactly the outcome I was hoping for, but there is still potential. I just have to show them that I can do all the work with time to spare. Which will mean less of this.

Still trusting and waiting. Still relying on the fact that God knows what he is doing, and it will take more than a huge corporation to mess with his plans!