Funny old weekend

It has been an odd weekend in many respects. Hubby and I spent the weekend in Cornwall where his parents are doing up their house, and we went to help out (his Mum's christmas present was 3 weekends worth of our labour in the house), and I believe that this really strengthened the relationship between Hubby's mum and I, which is only a good thing. So while there was all this positivity going on in the south west, the south east of England was telling a different story.

My mum called me on Friday lunchtime to tell me that my grandpa had fallen unconscious. This wasn't too surprising since he was deteriorating with mesothelioma and has been for some time. The rest of my family (well, parents, aunties and uncles) spent the weekend in the hospice with Grandpa as he got worse. Then eventually, yesterday lunchtime I got a call from Mum saying that Grandpa had passed away. I was ok, until I spoke to my dad (who's Dad Grandpa was) and he was being so strong, and then his voice cracked and we both left the call in tears. Well, I know I did.

My siblings and I were hugely separated physically throughout the weekend. But we all kept in touch with each other, checking up on each other, which was lovely. It was a real family bonding experience.

Grandpa wasn't close to any of his children really, and certainly wasn't close to his grandchildren, so the loss isn't too hard to bear. I hadn't seen him for 4 years anyway. But it is still sad that another part of the top generation has departed, but on the other hand, we'll all be together in enternity anyway.

As for the funeral, it is hard to say when it will be. It could be in the next couple of weeks, or it may not be for a few months. Due to the nature of Grandpa's death, there has to be a post mortem, and maybe even an inquest. For government statistics. And as if that indignity isn't enough, they will take 40% of his estate. But enough, now isn't the time to get onto that.


ellen said…
So sorry to hear about your loss! Even if you weren't close to your grandfather, it's still hard to have a death in the family. I hope that it will be a time for your family to come together and gorw closer.

XO, Ellen