My part-time terms have been submitted, and I have been told by my boss that I have a likely start date of 1st March. There was some worry on my part that the request wouldn't be submitted to personnel before the 10th Feb, which would have meant a delay of a month on everything.

I tried to argue the terms down, 3 days from 4, one month trial period from two, but work weren't having any of it. I guess from their point of view, I have been working a 5 day week for nearly 2 years and now suddenly I want to effectively halve my hours and still claim to be able to do the same amount of work. I can see that it might come across as a bit ambitious, which is perhaps why they are taking it slowly.

Still, it means that I only have 3 fridays left at work. Excellent! I have had to re-think my time at home, because I had planned for 2 days off a week. So I guess my Fridays might look a little like this:
Take hubby to work.
Go swimming/sauna (keeping myself fit and healthy for hubby)
Visit our lovely Godson and his mum, my good friend on maternity (providing a break from lonliness and to give some adult conversation!)
Do the food shopping (hunting and gathering)
Pick hubby up from work (he finishes at midday on Fridays!)
Go home and attack the housework/ironing (nice wifey type things)
Bake something nice for the weekend (stop us snacking on naughty things!)
Attack one 'project' (although perhaps for the first couple of Fridays I will be making lists of projects and getting them organised)

I really want to get into the Word more, and to spend more time with God. I had planned on at least an hours quiet time on the other day I wanted off work as I wouldn't have to take hubby to work. The Thursday was going to be my 'at home' day, where I would spend time with God alone, where I would do housework and baking and projects and planning and organising, and Fridays were going to be my 'going out' day, as for a lot of weekends we go away, so afternoons will be used for travelling. I could get up even earlier on the Friday to get my quiet time....

I just find it so important to spend time with God at the beginning of the day. I may not be at my most awake or freshest, but at least I haven't got caught up in the day and what needs to be done. I can concentrate on God with a clear mind in a way that is a lot harder at any other point in the day. I want to do it every day, but it sometimes just doesn't happen that way.

God, please help me to spend more time with you.